Friday, May 17, 7pm

Moscow’s recently opened restaurant, Twins Garden, headed by a pair of twins has already won international recognition. They now bring their favorite ingredients to introduce them to the audience of the Gourmet Festival.


Ivan and Sergej Berezutskiy, are twins that have been a fan of cooking ever since childhood but achieved success as chefs separately. Their joint restaurant opened at the end of 2017. Twins Garden quickly became a huge success and placed 72nd on the world’s best 100 restaurants list. They promise to present Russian ingredients in their entirety but avoid stereotypes and patterns.

“We really love Russian ingredients. There are many nationalities living in Russia in varying climates who love their products and know how to prepare them. We are inspired by traveling and meeting them rather than by other chefs’ work. For instance, we visited an area in the Altai, where there was no TV and a woman showed us how she makes pelmeni using potatoes, but no onions.”  The Moscow restaurant can be reached via a cobblestone courtyard, where firewood is steeped and family photos along with a tandem bicycle can be found hanging on the wall of the rustic dining room. While these items won’t make it to Budapest, they will bring their favorite ingredients and dishes, so that the audience can taste them at a Gourmet Festival exclusive dinner.

Welcome drink: Kreinbacher Brut Classic Magnum 2015 (awarded with a gold medal at the last Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships)

  • Tomato’s lifetime
  • Best parts of sterlet
  • Far Eastern whelk with tomatoes and feijoa
  • Mushroom ecosystem
  • Kamchatka crab with cabbage and horseradish sauce
  • Goatling with carrots dried on coffee
  • Honey cake with sea urchin and ryazhenka
Wine pairings:
  • Meinklang - Grüner Veltliner 2018 (Burgenland, Austria)
  • Weingut Eymann - Riesling Classic 2018 (Pfalz, Germany)
  • Te Whare Ra - Riesling 2016 (Marlborough, New-Zealand)
  • Domaine des Escaravailles - La ponce 2015 (Rhone, France)
  • Sebastian Riffault - Les Quarterons 2016 (Sancerre, France)
  • Domaine de Villaine - Bourgogne Cote Chalonnaise Rouge La Fortune 2016 (Bourgogne, France)
  • Pelle Pince - Zsófia Cuvée 2017 (Tokaj, Hungary)

Admission price: 130 €/person*

*price includes the price of the festival’s day ticket



Saturday, May 18, 1pm

One of the world's best sparkling wines, a meeting point between the Italian love of life and taste meets contemporary Hungarian top gastronomy.


Ferrari has been the best Italian sparkling-wine since 1902, the irresistibly elegant bubbles embody the Italian love of life - this is how the sparkling winery located north of the Garda Lake, and headquartered in Trento introduces itself.

Head Chefs of the recently awarded Michelin star restaurant and "Restaurant of the year" Stand, Tamás Széll and Szabina Szulló, will prepare a lunch menu to go with the Ferrari sparkling wines.

  • Aperitif: Ferrari Maximum Brut
  • Charcoal grilled eggplant tartar, fresh cheese
  • Trout, baked paprika juice, tomato
    Ferrari Maximum Rosé
  • "Made in Hungary" duck liver, brioche, peach, Szepsy Aszú 6 puttonyos
    Ferrari Perlé 2012
  • Lamb, polenta, peas, mushrooms
    Ferrari Perlé Rosé 2011
  • Cottage cheese, elderberry, strawberry, almond sponge cake
    Ferrari Perlé Bianco 2008

Admission price: 95 €/person*

*price includes the price of the festival’s day ticket



Saturday, May 18, 4pm

There’s a 100-year-old sparkling-wine, which according to its Italian creator gives back Italian hospitality, and is mentioned among the best of the best. What else would its name be, but Ferrari?


Ferrari, located in Trento, has been the best Italian sparkling-wine since 1902, the irresistibly elegant bubbles embody the Italian love of life. Their 2006 riserva rosé sparkling-wine just received 98 points from the Wine Advocate magazine, which is the highest score that any Italian sparkling-wine has received. Giulio Ferrari founded the company and is now represented by the family’s third generation.
During the masterclass, Matteo Burani, expert of Ferrari Trento will present a special selection from the brand's best:

  • Ferrari Maximum Brut
  • Ferrari Maximum Rosé
  • Ferrari Perlé
  • Ferrari Perlé Zero
  • Ferrari Lunelli Riserva
  • Ferrari Giulio Ferrari

Admission price: 30 €/person*

*price does not include the price of the festival’s day ticket

(The program will be held in English).


Dinner with Konstantin Filippou

Saturday, 18 May, 7pm

What happens when Austrian and Mediterranean cuisines are mixed together? The Greek-Austrian Konstantin Filippou owns the best Austrian two Michelin star restaurant.


Konstantin Filippou was born in Graz to a Greek father, so he got accustomed to Mediterranean flavors at an early age. He’s worked in the Viennese Steirereck, Gordon Ramsay London restaurant, and San Sebastian’s Arzak. He received a 19/20, the highest Gault Millau ranking at his Viennese restaurant, which he named after himself, where the atmosphere is not about how much money you have and nobody feels older than their age. He also has a bistro next door with a more relaxed atmosphere, with many student guests.

Like the friendly philosophy behind them, the dishes are clean and due to the family background combine Central European and seafood elements. Duck liver parfait and baked-onion foam, clam soup with radish, Norway lobster ribeye crumbs with lemon jelly, scallops with marrow, lobster and mangalica (pork), pidgeon heart and liver in a thick, dark soup are on the menu. Filippou's cuisine is accompanied by sommelier Timo Muliar's renowned natural wine selection that will also be showcased during their exclusive dinner.

Welcome drink: Kreinbacher Brut Classic Magnum 2015 (awarded with a gold medal at the last Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships)

  • Red Shrimp. Radish. Plum juice.
  • Tartelette. Yolk. Truffle.
  • Brandade. Amur carp. Char Caviar.
    Anna & Martin Arndorfer - Roter Veltliner 2017
  • Salmon Trout. Dill. Mustard pickle.
    Claus Preisinger - Erde Luft Gras und Reben 2015 (Weißburgunder)
  • Unagi. Mangalitza. Goose liver.
    Erich & Michael Andert - Pamhogna rot 2011
  • Croatian Langostino. Veal tongue. Cochayuyo.
    Werlitsch - Ex Vero II 2006
  • Yogurt. Tarragon. Apricot.
    Michael Wenzel - Muskateller Auslese 2016

Admission price: 190 €/person*

*price includes the price of the festival’s day ticket



Sunday, May 19, 12pm and 3pm

What does a 15-year-old soy sauce taste like? We will find that out and much more from the creative yet tradition-honoring chef Lee Jong-kuk, who brings his Michelin star Seoul restaurant to Budapest.


Michelin has dedicated a special guide to Seoul for three years now, and this is no coincident: it includes 61 Bib Gourmand restaurants with a great value for your money, 5 places also deserved 2 stars. There are 19 starred places, including chef Lee Jong-kuk, also known as the renewer of Korean cuisine, and his restaurant, Lee Jong Kuk 104.

The sauces take the lead, that is jangok (the guide also draws attention to these and highlights living traditions): the 50-year-old soy sauce, 30-year-old red chili paste (gochujang) and vinegar, which is aged for 5 years. Overlooking the city, the restaurant is located in a diplomatic and fortified neighborhood with ultra-innovative and contemporary ceramics. The restaurant received its name after the chef’s grandfather who fought for independence. The guide describes the dishes as works of art. On the ground floor of the three-story restaurant, noodles are sold with entrees and desserts. On the second floor, seasons determine the menu, and the third floor is fine dining: here chef Jong-kuk himself cooks dinner for VIP guests. Guests at Gourmet Festival can experience the latter: the chef will also host exclusive lunches at Millenaris.

Welcome drink: Kreinbacher Brut Classic Magnum 2015 (awarded with a gold medal at the last Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships)

  • Seven assorted amuse-bouche: ginseng and chestnut, beef pancake, fish roll, radish wrap, beef jerky ball, tofu jelly, burdock wrap
  • Kohlrabi salad, fresh fruit jellies
  • Mushroom porridge
  • Black food (the signature dish of our restaurant)
  • “Seafood noodles” with salted oyster sauce fermented for 10 years in the chef’s garden
  • Braised and charcoal grilled beef with soy sauce fermented for 15 years in the chef’s garden
  • Five assorted traditional desserts: Yak-Gwa and Han-Gwa (traditional honey cookies), spicy chocolate, sorbet

Admission price: 155 €/person*

*price includes the price of the festival’s day ticket

Tickets 12pm Tickets 3pm