Bogi Ínyenc Világa

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Bogi Ínyenc Világa


Exhibitor: Bogi Ínyenc Világa

This chili love started in 2017 when I, a fan of strong flavors, bought chili seedlings for myself. At first, I really only grew chili for myself, I gave the spicy wonders to family and friends as gifts. Then, as the demand for my chili sauces grew, so did we. . There is no stopping today. We left primary producers and have been full-time small and primary producers since 2020. Our thirteen-year-old daughter Boglárka is our Chief Chef. My wife and my mother-in-law and father-in-law strengthen our team as a bastion. We make our products by hand, from seed harvesting to packaging, with heart and soul and lots of love for you.

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