Rókusfalvy Etyek

Szív Teliszív
Rókusfalvy Etyek


Szív Teliszív

Mangalica ribs with vanilla pumpkin velouté and fermented endive Jobbra nyíl

Szív Teliszív

Poppy seed noodles with honeydew and honeycomb candy Jobbra nyíl

Exhibitor: Rókusfalvy Etyek

Over the past two decades, thanks to the cooperation of generations, we have been working on creating a balance between traditional local taste and modern technological solutions. Our goal is to present the best possible experience to our guests both on the plates and in the bottles.
The essence of our concept is to create the best possible food-wine pairing experience to our visitors, which was recognized by the industry this year with a Michelin Guide recommendation.

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