Gastro Stage

Firday, 17 May


Award-winning chilis: from a small garden to worldwide success - Chili Hungaria Manufactory and GaBko Chili

Firday, 17 May 4pm

A strong start on the festival's Gastro Stage: two tales of international success by popular Hungarian chili producers including obsession and the importance of raw materials. Visitors will also have a chance to taste the product of their hard work.


Cocktails in gastronomy - Societé Budapest and Grey Goose & Martini

Firday, 17 May 5pm

Société Budapest’s Head Chef, Norbert Krasznai and Confectioner, Zsanett Barna will bring three specialties from Société Bistro&Bar’s spring menu to the Gastro Stage. Péter Gózon, Brand Ambassador of Grey Goose and Martini, will prepare three exciting cocktails to go with the meals. Excellent ingredients and creativity are important to Societé Budapest and the mentioned drink brands, as this is the only way to provide a truly high-quality gastronomic experience, which will be demonstrated to the public through a tasting session!


From Noma to Tirana - Bledar Kola (Mullixhiu, Tirana)

Firday, 17 May 6pm

Special guest, Bledar Kola, Founder of the best, Albanian restaurant, Mullixhiu, gained inspiration to reform Albanian cuisine from famous restaurants such as Noma or Fäviken. On stage, he will prepare two popular local dishes: trahana, which is made up of cereal, yogurt and fermented butter dough, and fli, which is a millefoglie, that is a creamy pastry made from many layers of dough. He will also be serving tea made from olive leaves to go with the pastry.


The meeting of cultures - Konstantin Filippou** (Vienna)

Firday, 17 May 7pm

After last year's performer, Steirereck, another Viennese chef of a two Michelin-star restaurants will show his talents on Gourmet Festival’s stage: Konstantin Filippou is head of his own restaurant. Not only is his mixture of Austrian and Mediterranean fine dining flavors exciting but so are his history and personality. If you haven't tasted food from a two-star restaurant before, then here is your chance, as Filippou will prepare and offer audience members one of the restaurant's emblematic dishes!

Saturday, 18 May


Kamut, nem kamu! - Artisan Bakery

Saturday, 18 May 1pm

One of downtown Pest’s best bakery, known for its freshly baked and high-quality products. The owner, Gergő Fekete, who’s traveled all over the world, will talk about real handcrafts while preparing focaccia from Kamut (Khorasan wheat) flour and sourdough that audience members will have a chance to taste.


Csíramálé from Köveskál - Kővirág Restaurant

Saturday, 18 May 2pm

Pál Tóth, the young Chef of the well-known countryside restaurant, will prepare a dish that you won’t want to miss: besides the ancient Hungarian dessert mentioned in the title, there will be a 23-carat brown beer biscuit, but there will also be a great dish prepared from Angus beef. Visitors will also have a chance to taste beer made of distilled ants (yes, ants) to go with the dishes and get to know the recipes.


Cooking is child’s play! (A főzés gyerekjáték!) - István Pesti (Platán Restaurant)

Saturday, 18 May 3pm

István Pesti, Chef of Platán Restaurant, from Tata that is known as one of the best restaurants in the country, will appear on the Gastro Stage once again this year, but with special guests: he will prepare a meal with children from the popular cooking program. What exactly they’ll bring with them is a surprise, one thing is for sure, fun and laughter will not be left at home!


Cake as a painting canvas - Alexandra Horváth (Egy csipet torta - A pinch of cake)

Saturday, 18 May 4pm

Known for her unique cakes, Alexandra Horváth, is the owner of Egy csipet torta, and will share some of her secrets, while decorating two cakes based on today’s trends. Visitors will be able to taste the final products and learn what tree ruby chocolate grows on.


Mastery of Asia - Jenő Rácz

május 18., szombat 5pm

Jenő Rácz is one of the few who has acquired a Michelin star abroad and at a very young age. Known from the series Konyhafőnök (Kitchen Boss), he will hold a professional presentation, where he will discuss spicy glaze, deactivated yeast cream, carbonated green apple, Dashi gel, and of course the flavor effect of umami. His years spent in Shanghai will be reflected in an Asian-style meal that everyone will want to taste!


Art and passion on a plate - Lee Jong-kuk (Lee Jong-kuk 104*, Seoul)

Saturday, 18 May 6pm

For the first time in the history of Gourmet Festival, the overseas Michelin-star chef will take the stage: Lee Jong-kuk, the artistic Chef from Seoul, known not only for his perfectionism and authentic, yet contemporary fine dining but also for his soy sauces and pastes matured for decades. Learn more about his beliefs and black food during his appearance!


Russian taste rethought - Ivan and Szergej Berezutszkij (Twins Garden, Moscow)

Saturday, 18 May 7pm

The Twins Garden twins, have achieved huge success in Russia and internationally in top gastronomy over the past year and a half. They joined together to share their enthusiasm for local ingredients in the most sophisticated form possible. Considering the size, climatic and cultural diversity of the country, this is not a small task, but they will try to concentrate it into one dish at the end of the show.

Sunday, 19 May


The croissant story - FREYJA bakery

Sunday, 19 May 1pm

One of the most successful store openings this year is the Freyja Bakery, where everything revolves around croissants. Péter Dormán, Founder, will talk about the croissant’s story while introducing spectators into the mysteries of leafy dough made with sourdough and a lot of butter. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Szövetség Street Shop, then it's time to taste the perfect croissant!


From ear to tail - Max Stiegl (Gut Purbach, Burgenland)

Sunday, 19 May 2pm

Max Stiegl, the Austrian gastronomer reveals how French cuisine has inspired him to refreshen traditional Burgenland flavors, and why he’s so fond of offal. Anthony Bourdain even made a detour to visit his restaurant. Max will bring his creativity to the Gourmet Festival stage, preparing meat with horseradish and beer.


Beer and gastronomy - János Szilva (Borsodi), Dániel Bart, beer writer, Dani Varga (Aum Restaurant)

Sunday, 19 May 3pm

In the past decade, quality beer culture has increased in Hungary, which is slowly but surely infiltrating into more demanding gastronomy. János Szilva, Director of Borsod Brewery, Dániel Bart, beer writer, Dani Varga, Chef of Aum Restaurant, will prepare Asian cuisine to go with special beers, while they discuss these topics.


Mangalica from the producer to the table - Zsóka Fekete and Szilárd Tóth

Sunday, 19 May 4pm

Every year, there is a discussion about a certain kind of raw material, from production to making it onto the table. This year’s choice: Mangalica. To do this we invited two professional guests: Zsóka Fekete, Mangalica producer and Szilárd Tóth, last year’s Gourmet Festival award-winning chef. During cooking and the tasting, Szilárd will also tell the audience about his new restaurant, opening soon.


New York’s new ambassador of Hungarian cuisine: Jeremy Salamon

Sunday, 19 May 5pm

We are sure to hear a lot about, the young chef of Hungarian descent, in the future as he will certainly be the passionate and authentic American voice of Hungarian cuisine. Only 25 years old, and extremely talented, he had just begun is culinary journey, when New York noticed him. He grew up on his Hungarian grandmother’s cooking and the legendary György Láng's cookbook later became his bible, which inspired his passion for Hungarian cuisine. He sees our gastronomy freshly, creatively and wisely, and knows how to make it thrive and attractive in the world's culinary capital. He will give audience members a taste of this on stage.

Jeremy Salamon’s performance was sponsored by LOT Polish Airlines


Ádám Pohner (Kistücsök) and the Bocuse d'Or team

Sunday, 19 May 6pm

The Hungarian team competing at Bocuse d’Or's prestigious World Championship will be introduced to the Gourmet Festival audience once again this year. Chefs, Ádám Pohner and Richárd Csillag along with coach Viktor Segal, will talk about the challenges of this year's competition while preparing dishes such as mussels, green asparagus from Szemes, egg yolk ravioli and pastis sauce, to round off the performances on the Gatro Stage.


Gourmet award ceremony and closing toast

Sunday, 19 May 7pm

Based on the votes of the audience and the decision of a professional jury, we highlight and recognize the best exhibitors and food of the festival. This will happen on the final day of the event, where we thank exhibiting restaurants for their hard work.