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General Information

When does the festival begin?

The festival begins Thursday, 5 pm on 17th May, 2018.

When does the festival end?

The festival ends Sunday, 11 pm on 20th May, 2018.

When can I enter the festival site? What are the opening hours of the festival?

The festival will open on Thursday 5 pm and closed at 11 pm. On the following days Friday, Saturday and Sunday the festival opens at noon (11 pm) and closed at 11 pm

How can I get any information?

Observations concerning hospitality, organizing, or any other subject (complaints, ideas) are welcome at the Info Point staff or at [email protected].

How can I pay at the festival?

t Festival you can enjoy a cashless system. You can pay either with your MasterCard® PayPass™ and Maestro® PayPass™ card or by getting an official Festipay card, what you can charge at top up points set up at the Festival venue. The remaining money on your Festipay card is redeemable at any time of the festival’s opening hours. To find more information on Festipay Card, please click here.

Is it allowed to take photos?

It is allowed to take photos, but film and sound recordings about the programs can only be made with the written agreement of the organizers. In such a case please write to [email protected].

Children at the festival

Children under the age of 11 can enter the festival free of charge, only with supervision of an adult.

Is the festival accessible by wheelchair?

Yes, it is. At the festival venue accessible toilets are available too.

Where can I find the first aid?

The first aid is situated in the middle of the festival, at the pedestrian exit of Lövőház Street.

What should I do if I lose something?

Please, leave lost and found objects at the Info Point and look for your own lost stuff here as well.

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Objects not allowed

What is forbidden to be brought into the area of the event?

Glass objects, striking and cutting devices, umbrellas or any other objects endangering others’ physical health are FORBIDDEN to be brought into the area of the Event! According to valid laws, you are not allowed to carry objects specifically endangering public safety (knives with a blade longer than 8 cm, switch knives, gas sprays, black jacks etc.), and you are not allowed to make fire within the territory of the event, it is considered to be a criminal offense.
Important: NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED IN ANY QUANTITY inside the area of the Event. Regarding non-alcoholic beverages you can bring in 0.5 liter in a 0.5 liter big plastic bottle, but food is not allowed to bring into the festival area in any quantity! Products of such nature must be handed to the security service at the entrance in custody, so that they can check them..

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Can I find …?

ATM? Is it possible to pay with credit card at the festival?

There are no ATMs at the venue. You can pay with Festipay card or with PayPass™ card - issued by any of the banks – at all of the commercial units. To find more information on Festipay Card, please click here.

Trip, transport, parking

Where is the festival exactly?

Millenáris Park (16-22. Kis Rókus Street), Budapest

How can I get to the festival?

From the direction of Széll Kálmán tér, via the entrances at Marczibányi tér, Lövőház Street, Fény Street and Kis Rókus Street. By trams: 4, 6, 18, 59, 61. By buses: 5, 16, 21, 22, 102, 128, 149, 155, 156. By metro line M2 (red).

How can I get to the festival by car?

At the venue there is a parking lot with limited capacity, so we kindly recommend you to arrive to the festival by public transportation.

Can I enter the festival by car?

It is forbidden to enter the festival by car.

Can I enter the festival by motorbike?

It is forbidden to enter the festival by motorbike.

Where can I park my car, is there any secured parking lot?

You can park in the immediate surroundings of the festival, at public space. For secured parking area please use the parking lot next to Mammut shopping mall, under Millenáris Park or in Marzibányi Sports Center.

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Other important information:

- A sound and film recording will be produced of the Event. Every person who appears on the recordings can be name checked only with their agreement, however they may not have any claims to the makers of the recordings or the organizers of the Event.
- It is allowed to take photos, but film and sound recordings about the programs can only be made with the written agreement of the organizers.
- On the area of Gourmet Festival, it is forbidden to carry out any commercial or advertising activities without the written permission of the organizers.
- In the bars, intoxicated guests and Visitors under the age of 18 cannot be served with any alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. 
- It is important to remember that prevailing laws say that the consumption of narcotics is strictly forbidden on the area of the Event, too.
- Visitors are strongly encouraged to take care of natural values and not to drop any litter.
- Organizers take no responsibility for possible damages occurring in persons or valuables.
-The Event will also be held in the case of bad weather.
- The right to make changes in the program is reserved.
- We ask you take care of yourselves and each other.

Have a great time!

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