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Where cultures and textures meet – vegan workshop by Kristóf Steiner and Nimrod Dagan

Welcome to the skillet, where almost all things are interchangeable! Kristóf and Nimi – authors of “Homemade food without borders” (Határtalan házikonyha) and creators of YouTube workshop “Nimi&Kristóf’s Kitchen in Greece” – are calling all for a colourful and tasty journey where shakshuka, the ratatouille of the Middle East and alu gobi, the classic of the Far East unite in a magical bowl. The ingredients and condiments are portioned beforehand and ready for use just as the participants arrive – garlic is sizzling, steam is coming, sauce is bubbling and soon the food is ready. Moreover, the daring gastro-adventurers are to vary it as many ways as they like after arriving home. Participation is only available via online registration.



Babka and flódni with Attila Nemesvölgyi and Juci Vámos

As you can guess from the title, the theme of the show consists of two staple Jewish pastries: classic flódni and babka – the chocolate sweet bread or dough which has just started getting the worldwide attention it deserves (it is also very popular in Hungary). Attila (from Babka Deli) shares his perfect recipe and technology: we will roll the dough and prepare the syrup. Of course, the tasting is an obligatory part, not to mention the rightly famous flódni from Juci the Flódni Girl (Juci a Flódnis).



Cuisine of Őrség with Richárd Farkas (Pajta)

The popular young professional, the chef of Pajta Restaurant – considered among the best places to eat on the countryside – tells us about the classic flavours of the Őrség region (Western Hungary); we are to talk about collecting, the importance of seasonal foods and the “farm to table” concept as well. Meanwhile, of course, he will be working on one of the most iconic dishes of the restaurant (with venison, celery, pine, porcini), which will be offered for tasting.



What can the country’s first Michelin-starred restaurant offer you today?

Costes in Ráday Street made history in 2010 when it received the first Michelin star in Hungary – and in Middle-Central Europe as well! Since then so many things have happened, and the restaurant – still keeping its title – was restored, too! Levente Koppány, regional winner of S. Pellegrino Young Chef Awards, the restaurant’s impertinently young chef tells us about the innovations and his own passion for line-fishing, while preparing one of the fish dishes of Costes (with pickled mackerel “ruszli”, watermelon, feta cheese, mint), available for tasting, too.



Gin in a bottle: Hungarian success in the country and on abroad

Gin is considered having a renaissance worldwide, and Hungary also took its part in it. Two renowned Hungarian professionals, Mónika Czakó (co-owner of Bestillo palinka manufacturer and inventor of “Mrs. Millicent gin”) and Bálint Dámosy (co-owner of Opera Gin, gin-producer) are to tell us about being successful in the professional and business sector. With the help of Mónika and Bálint, we can learn (almost) everything about the ingredients and the technology, while gin is being poured into glasses.

Saturday, 28 May



Preparing Japanese gyoza – workshop with Keiko (Nagyikám)

Learn how to make the traditional home-made dumpling or gyoza from a real Japanese grandma! Discover how to meticulously mix the ingredients, roll the dough, fill it and put the small dumplings together so that they close as tightly as possible. They are perfect only if they are crispy from the outside but creamy in the inside. The result will be tested at the tasting in the end. Participation is only available via online registration.



Contemporary Hungarian cuisine á la Salt: kale, camomile and ants

The name Szilárd Tóth is pretty easy to come across since Salt opened. The chef who got a Michelin star for the restaurant is not only successful in all things cooking, but is unwaveringly roaming the forests and the meadows with his group from early spring to late fall. All that they collect get a new meaning within the walls of the restaurant. Szilárd, who considers innovation and tradition equally important, tells us about his experiences, while preparing the classic Transylvanian cabbage stew with a twist, adding camomile from The Great Hungarian Plain (Alföld) and ants. Yes, not acorn, but ants, available for tasting for the audience.



Bányai Kávé: Hungary-Costa Rica return ticket

Sándor Tóth (Bányai Speciality Coffee) is a coffee professional, multiple times Hungarian champion, world championship finalist – today he is not only an owner of a coffee house or a roasting company, but also owns a coffee plantation! Sándor gives us a glimpse into the everyday life of the coffee workers of Cost Rica. We can learn what makes a given coffee special without taboos, we will talk about “cajuelan” and “fanega”, we will get to know a special group and a daring but successful coffee project of Sándor’s. A tasting will be part of the experience as well!



Saving values in Transylvania: angajabur and churut

Adorján Trucza (Páva Restaurant, Székelyudvarhely) gives us a sample from one of the most defining gastronomic experiences of his life: angajabur. The soup and its base, churut are among the most iconic values of the Armenians of Transylvania; it is considered part of the gastronomy heritage in several parts of Transylvania. While emerging in lost times under mythical circumstances and having a special savour, later churut was almost completely forgotten. However, Adorján is working on reversing this process: he is passionately exploring, forwarding and interpreting Transylvania’s gastronomic heritage with a fresh approach.


Source: Streetkitchen


Heritage with a twist: Hungarian dumplings with egg (tojásos nokedli) in MÁK style

The egg dumpling in itself is very popular in Hungary, bringing up childhood memories and family gatherings for many people. What is to become of this Hungarian classic if Grandma’s place is taken by János Mizsei, representative of the progressive fine dining restaurant MÁK? Participants are also able to taste the product!



Mangalica on a world-class level

We cannot imagine Gourmet Academy without mangalica (mangalitsa), one of the noblest, real world-class Hungarian meats! One of the most acclaimed chefs, Márk Molnár from the Michelin-starred restaurant Costes Downtown is presenting us with tastings. Mark, also known as Chef Mark in the professional world on abroad, returned to Hungary after twenty years to run his unique experiences here at home, much to the delight of gourmet fans.



The heritage of Tamás Széll

It is for sure that Tamás Széll, chef of Michelin-starred restaurant Stand and a defining figure in the success of the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or, will not let us down this time either! Having family roots in Szabolcs county in north-eastern Hungary, he knows a lot of very simple but unfortunately forgotten recipes. On the stage of Gourmet Academy, he is to prepare the most iconic course of his childhood, dumplings with sour cream (tejfölös gombóc). As he said: “of course I do it with a contemporary approach, in a more precise way, on restaurant level, giving it minimal spin, without deconstruction or reconsidering, so the heritage would be preserved”.

Sunday, 29 May



Workshop for kids: making grissini with Szabi a Pék

Szabolcs Szabadfi has become popular under the name of Szabi the Baker (Szabi a Pék); his cookbook for children has just been published. Today he shows kids how to prepare on of the most wide-spread appetizers of Italian cuisine, grissini. Participation is only available via online registration.



Workshop for kids: decorating pie with Timi Rosenstein

Timi Rosenstein (The pie – A pite) is highly acclaimed for taking pie decoration on a whole new level in recent years. The kids can prepare the edible works of art with Timi’s help! Participation is only available via online registration.


Source: facebook.com


Workshop for kids: baking salty crescent rolls

András Wolf, star of TV show “Chef of Chefs” (Séfek Séfje), professional head of Gundel Restaurant, New York Café and The Chef’s Table is welcoming the kids for baking salty crescent rolls, and if we still have time, even sandwiches can be prepared! Participation is only available via online registration.


Chocolate at master’s level with Attila Menyhárt

In the beginning of the year, it was a huge success when Attila Menyhárt, Four Seasons’ pastry chef won the Central Europe selection of World Chocolate Masters, thus representing the region on the world championship in Paris. He is to tell us about this experience and his close connection with chocolate, while preparing the vegan snack he presented at the competition made with 100% plant based linzer cookie dough, Alto el Sol dark chocolate cream, paprika cream, vegan chocolate velvet cake dough and raspberry gel. Sounds right, eh?



Introducing my successor: cooking session with Lajos Bíró and Dani Bíró

Isn’t it the best way to close the 10th Gourmet Festival with welcoming star chef Lajos Bíró as our guest? However, he is not competing with Viktor Segal this time, but cooking together with his son, Dani, who is following him in his footsteps. It’s all a secret but we reveal that it will surely contain chitterlings and good vibes are guaranteed, too!

Presenters: Zsófia Mautner and András Jókuti
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