Exclusive lunch and dinners in 2018 at Gourmet Festival


Polish Bib Gourmand Dinner

Warsaw’s 4 Bib Gourmand restaurant offers an eight course meal with Hungarian wines

May 18, Friday at 7 PM

Exceptionally good food at moderate prices - this is the definition used for the Bib Gourmand category in the Michelin Guide. Four restaurants were awarded this rating in Poland: Alewino, Brasserie Warszawska, Butchery & Wine, and Kieliszki na Próznej. We invited the chefs of these four restaurants to attend Gourmet Festival, and co-host a dinner at our exclusive location. This will be their first time cooking together. Another special feature of the program is that the selection of Hungarian wines, recommended by the chefs and sommeliers, to accompany the dishes of the eight-course menu.


  • Welcome drink: Kreinbacher Prestige Brut Magnum 2013 - the best sprakling wine of the renowned estate
  • Sourdough bread with cold pressed rapeseed oil and polish pickles (Ale Wino) - Kreinbacher Birtok, Somló Prestige Brut sparkling wine
  • Chilled young beet soup with quail egg and crayfish (Butchery&Wine) - Garamvári Birtok, Evolution Brut Rosé 2008 sparkling wine
  • Asparagus a la polonaise (Brasserie Warszawska) - Pannonhalmi Apátsági Pincészet, Sauvignon Blanc 2017
  • Pan fried sweetbreads with morels mushrooms (Butchery&Wine) - Balassa István, Tokaji Furmint Mézes-Mály Villő 2015 
  • Wild trout with caviar and ''mizeria’’ (Kieliszki na Próżnej) - Jásdi István, Lőczedombi Olaszrizling 2016
  • 100 day green leg partridge hen with stuffing (Ale Wino) - St Andrea, Egri Bikavér Áldás 2014
  • Selection of polish farmed cheeses with condiments (Ale Wino) - Samuel Tinon, Tokaj Dry Szamorodni 2009
  • Rum baba with strawberries and rhubarb (Brasserie Warszawska) - Szepsy István, Tokaji Szamorodni 2013

Fee: 29.900 Ft / person *

*Price includes a day ticket for the festival

Lunch in the Countryside

Anyukám Mondta (My mother said), Erhardt Restaurant, Macok Bistro, Platán and Viator, have come together to offer a 5-course menu with wine pairing

May 19, Saturday at 1 PM

Last year, our countryside lunch series kicked off with a full house and enormous success, introducing the most exciting countryside restaurants. This year, to save you time and money, we invited some new names, including the pilgrim destination ‘Anyukam mondta,’ restaurant from Encs; Platán restaurant located in Tata, managed by the highly respected, Pesti István; the Erhardt restaurant from Sopron; Macok from Eger and Viator from Pannonhalma. These restaurants’ chefs will host a once in a lifetime and unforgettable gastronomic experience. Dishes will be accompanied by excellent Hungarian wines hand picked by the chefs.


  • Welcome drink: Kreinbacher Prestige Brut Magnum 2013 - the best sparkling wine of the renowned estate 
  • Scallops, asparagus, buttermilk (Platán) - Bott Frigyes, Zöld Veltelini 2017
  • Smoked lamb heart, chervil, kohlrabi (Anyukám Mondta) - Anyukám mondta Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains 2017
  • Duck, red cabbage, carrot (Macok Bistro) - Havas & Tímár Winery Pinot Noir 2016
  • Beef patty in red wine from Sopron, celery purée, herb-salad (Erhardt Restaurant) - Sopron’s „Erhardt” Steiner Premium Blaufränkisch 2015
  • Caramel tart with lavender infused passionfruit (Viator Restaurant) - Bénédictine

Fee: 24.900 Ft / person *

*Price includes a day ticket for the festival

Latin-American Dinner

Best female chef from South America, Kamilla Seidler offers a five-course menu with wine pairing

May 19, Saturday at 7 PM

It is a special and rare occasion to get to know the top gastronomy of another continent, especially coming from an exotic part of the world, such as South America. Kamilla Seidler left behind the two-star Mugaritz restaurant, to join Noma’s co-owner, Claus Meyer,  in opening Gustu in Bolivia’s capital, La Paz, where they translated the award winning Noma's philosophy - using local and seasonal ingredients to create authentic but modern cuisine. Within years, Gustu, has become known as one of the best restaurants in South America. Both the restaurant and Seidler have received numerous awards, with the highest achievement being “Best Female Chef in Latin America” (The World’s 50 best Restaurants). Last year, Seidler stepped down as executive chef of Gustu and started on a world-wide journey to popularize Bolivian and South American Cuisine. András Kató, an international wine academic, chose local wines to accentuate the six-course menu, using the chef’s guidelines.


  • Welcome drink: Kreinbacher Prestige Brut Magnum 2013 - the best sparkling wine of the renowned estate 
  • Snacks and Singani sour:
    • Crunchy rice paper, chicken skin and passion fruit
    • Plantain with salmon tartar, tomato and coriander
    • Chicken wings with hibiscus 
  • Avocado cream with shrimp and blood orange 
  • Roasted corn with poached rabbit and lime
  • Pork belly, chili and yucca 
  • Lamb filet with fermented acai, dried potatoes and crispy fat
  • Soft chocolate cake with banana-olive oil sorbet and candied cacao beans 
  • *Price includes the general admission ticket for the festival

Fee: 44.900 Ft / person *

*Price includes a day ticket for the festival

Sunday Lunch

Baraka, Csalogány 26, Mák, Rosenstein and St Andrea Wine & Gourmet Bar, come together to offer a 5-course menu with a juice pairing

May 20, Sunday at 1 PM

While the majority of the highest rated restaurants in the country will be present at Gourmet, each year there are some great restaurants that are unable to attend the event for one reason or another. So we’ve asked the chefs of those restaurants, to come for a day to the festival and jointly prepare a five-course Sunday lunch for our guests. A special feature of the lunch is that instead of wines, vegetable and fruit juices will be served with every dish. These juices will be prepared by the chefs, making sure that the juices complement the meals.


  • Welcome drink: Kreinbacher Prestige Brut Magnum 2013 - the best sparkling wine of the renowned estate 
  • Moroccan octopus, passionfruit, dashi, cauliflower, tom kha, kaffir lime, wakame - Orange, rhubarb, hibiscus, quinine juice (Baraka)
  • Pig-terrine with spring flavors - beets, early cherries, bell pepper gazpacho juice (Csalogány 26)
  • Guinea fowl dumplings, carrots, citrus - Elder Kombucha juice (St. Andrea Wine and Gourmet Bar)
  • Breaded Hungarian Gray Beef cheek, with smoked Jerusalem artichoke purée - Kale, romaine lettuce, cucumber, ginger, quince juice (Rosenstein Restaurant)
  • Peach, poppy seeds, vanilla - Sea buckthorns, lemon beebrush juice (MÁK Bistro)

Fee: 29.900 Ft / person *

*Price includes a day ticket for the festival

Authentic Anatolian Dinner

Maksut Askar’s (Neolokal, Istanbul) menu with Turkish wines

May 20, Sunday at 7 PM

Turkey, just like Hungary, is undergoing huge gastronomical changes. Re-discovering their resources, supplies and incorporating them in modern, contemporary dishes. Maksur Askar, Executive Chef of Neolokal, Istanbul, is considered as the leading modern pioneer of Anatolian cuisine. With his beautiful plates and uncompromising professional attitude, he has brought international attention to Neolokal. Neolokal was listed as one of the regional discoveries on the Diner’s Club 'The World’s 50 Best Restaurants' list. The menu specializes in central Anatolian cuisine, accompanied by authentic Turkish wines.
The comfortable and carefree journey for Mr Maskut Asfar chef and his team is provided by Turkish Airlines.


  • Welcome drink: Kreinbacher Prestige Brut Magnum 2013 - the best sparkling wine of the renowned estate 
  • Amuse Bouche:
    • “KISIR&TARTARE”, Bulgur and beef tartar with mustard yogurt and turmeric pickled cauliflower
    • “MUSSELS&TARATOR” sour yeast fried mussels and walnut “tarator”
  • Double baked tahini HOUMUS and eggs, MUTEBBEL, colourful vegetables, tahini, yogurt and greens from Neolokal’s garden and spices of Anatolia
  • LIKORINOS, smoked bonito of Bosphorus , Taramasalata, Bottarga, Pickled pepper cream, Lemon and garden greens
  • Grilled SEABASS, seafood sausage, potatoes, celery cream, wild mustard greens
  • “KATMER & TİRİT” pulled beef in duck juice, pistachio filo, colourful yogurts, tarhana
  • “REVANI” in rosemary pear sherbet, pear sorbet, black poppy seed cream
  • PETIT FOURS Turkish delight, Pişmaniye(floss candy), poppy seed tuile

Fee: 34.900 Ft / person *

*Price includes a day ticket for the festival