Gasztro Stage programs


May 18, Friday



Ide süss! (Look here!) - Szabi Szabadfi, the award-winning pizza maker and Dani Sass, anchorman, will discover the world of sweet pizzas

May 18, Friday, 17.00
Sweet pizza? Szabi and Dani will prepare nutella pizza with pistachios and raspberry caviar. You can give it taste of course!

Zazzi - Sweet Dream

May 18, Friday, 18.00
After 13 years, the popular confectionary shop, Zazzi, closed in March. Founders, Margit Varga and Melinda Erdős, will be here to reveal their most popular dessert recipe, Sweet Dreams.

Attila Bicsár, Sauska 48 - Village Gourmet

May 18, Friday, 19.00
Last year, Attila Bicsár moved to the countryside from Budapest, relocating to Villány’s Sauska Winery and Restaurant. He will talk about his adventures and Hungarian countryside gastronomy, as well as cook for the audience.



May 19, Saturday



The HER presents: Balla mama

May 19, Saturday, 13.00
Balla mama from Hajdúszoboszló, will prepare traditional dumplings from the Alföd region of Hungary.

Warsaw’s Bib Gourmands - Polish spring time food

May 19, Saturday, 14.00
Three Bib Gourmand Polish restaurants’ ( Brasserie Warszawska, Butchery & Wine, and Kieliszki na Próznej) chefs, will be on stage to talk about contemporary Polish gastronomy. They will also prepare a meal from seasonal vegetables.

Heinz Reitbauer, Steirereck** - Presenting Mushrooms

May 19, Saturday, 15.00
Regarded as the #10 best restaurant, the 2 Michelin star Steirereck’s award-winning Executive Chef, Heinz Reitbauser will be on stage for an hour and a half, preparing five mushroom based dishes. You will have a chance to taste one of them!

Maksut Askar, Neolokal - the Turkish cuisine in a new light

May 19, Saturday, 17.00
Maksut Askar, Neolokal’s award-winning Executive Chef, from Istanbul, has received international attention and his restaurant was featured in ‘The Diner’s Club World’s 50 Best Restaurant’ list. He will be preparing a traditional Anatolian dish that audience members can try.
The comfortable and carefree journey for Mr Maskut Asfar chef and his team is provided by Turkish Airlines.

Villa Rosa - The Csallóköz’s flavors

May 19, Saturday, 18.00
Csallóköz is a region rich in fish and wildlife. Villa Rosa from Dunanszerdahely, take seasonality and regionality seriously: they have their own slaughterhouse and vegetable garden. Villa Rosa’s Chefs, Imre Bindics, Péter Czucz, and Róbert Tatai will cook and tell us stories about the old-new region.
Panificio Il Basilico

Gold Caviar - How is caviar prepared?

May 19, Saturday, 19.00
Caviar specialist and known Chef, Szása Nyíri, will talk about how caviar is prepared and audience members will be able to taste freshly made caviar.



May 20, Sunday



Homemade strudel making with Tímea Krusper (Poroszló’s Strudelhouse)

May 20, Sunday, 13.00
Poroszló’s Strudelhouse food truck opened in the spring of 2010 and gained national popularity shortly after. If you are interested to learn how a real strudel is made, then don’t miss this!

No Salty presents: Ready, set, cook! - Márk Lakatos and Dávid Kárai

May 20, Sunday, 14.00
Dávid Kárai and Márk Lakatos will compete to prepare their recipes that the other person modified a bit in order to be in sync with the festival’s theme. They will have 30 minutes, can they do it?

Kamilla Seidler - Latin America's best female chef

May 20, Sunday, 15.00
It is a rare and unique experience to get to know the top gastronomy of another continent, especially coming from an exotic part of the world, such as South America. On this special occasion Kamilla Seidler will not only discuss gastronomy, but also cook for the audience.

Café Gerbeaud is 160 years old

May 20, Sunday, 16.00
Cacao Barry Or Noir 1858, is a unique chocolate that was chosen specially from the French Cacao Barry manufactory for the 160th birthday of Gerbeaud. Audience members will have a chance to learn more about the history of Gerbeaud, the birth of chocolate and dessert items made from this special chocolate.

Onyx** - Two Adams, two dumplings, two stars, one team

May 20, Sunday, 17.00
Chef Ádám Mészáros will prepare the plum dumplings, while Ceramist Ádám Szabó, will make a biodegradable plate from a lump of clay, which is worth two stars! Come and see how these two artistic elements combine to inspire our senses.

Ádám Pohner, Kistücsök (Small Cricket) - Bocuse d’Or reloaded

May 20, Sunday, 18.00
Ádám Pohner, Sous Chef at Kistücsök, will be representing Hungary at the famous chef championship’s European round held in Turin. You can meet him here, before his competition in June, while he prepares an original and exciting dish from beef.

Gourmet awards and closing ceremony

May 20, Sunday, 19.00
We will continue last year’s tradition, presenting the Gourmet Award to the best exhibitors and dishes of the festival. Awards will be given based on audience members’ votes and a professional panel’s decision. This will be the closing ceremony of the festival, where as a thank you, we will toast to all of the restaurant exhibitors that worked so hard.


Hosts: Zsófia Mautner and András Jókuti

We reserve the right to change the program.