Gourmet workshop by Electrolux


19 May, Friday



Harrer chocolat

Gréta Stőhr’s (Great Bistro) vegan workshop: warm dijon asparagus salad with crackers seasoned with spring herbs

19 May, Friday, 06:00 PM 
Plant based eating has never been this easy and colorful. Try out how to make a clean, gluten free lunch using fresh, seasonal, bio ingredients. Gréta Stőhr, vegan chef, the owner of Great Bistro will help you discover the vegan ingredients and substitutes and will show you how to cook with them.

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20 May, Saturday




Nóra Nemes (Dacota), a Nosalty blogger: Strawberry-elderberry mini-doughnuts – how choux pastry is actually not difficult to make

20 May, Saturday, 01:30 PM
We'll get to know choux pastry at this workshop. It's a light French dough, which is the base of éclairs, churros, some doughnuts, and several other desserts too. For many, it may be difficult to get started first, but if you follow some rules and once you get the taste of it, it will not be difficult for beginners either. We can vary the cream in it, but this time we are preparing a strawberry-elderberry version.

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Canh ga chien nuoc mam (chicken wing that is impossible to put down) – Introduction to the simple Asian gastronomy by Funky Pho

20 May, Saturday, 03:30 PM
Street vendors are also preparing as a beer snack for guests of the street bars (quan nhau), but this is one of the dishes that will be much more delicious if we are preparing it carefully at home. Although its preparation is very simple, it has enough exotic fragrance to fill the room's air and is really impossible to put down!

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When coffee meets gastronomy – discover the basic flavours with Ákos Sárközi and Zsolt Nagy

20 May, Saturday 05:30 PM
Hosts: Ákos Sárközi (Chef of the Michelin-starred Borkonyha) and Zsolt Nagy (Coffee Expert of Nespresso) Find out more about how coffee might be a perfect complement to a great dish! Learn about the unique flavors of quality coffee through dessert pairs.

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21 May, Sunday



Pomo d'Oro

Jacques Liszt – Misi the baker: introduction the world of breads

21 May, Sunday 01:30 PM
Do you swallow a big one when you feel the smell of fresh, warm bread? The texture, and appearance of fresh bread give us all the sense of a cozy home. It is a wonderful feeling to have your own baking bread at the family table. From Misi, you can learn how to make freshly crafted handmade bread at home.

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Strawberry jam workshop with Dóra Havas, the chef of TV Paprika

21 May, Sunday 03:30 PM
A quick strawberry jam recipe with lots of flavor variations. With the help of Dóra the participants will prepare the jam base, which they can give different tastes afterwards: pink peppercorns with vanilla or black peppers with balsamic vinegar? You can also choose lavender, rose water, lime & mint, and the rest should be a surprise. During the workshop, Dóra will give you useful tips for jam cooking in general too.

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Budaörsi Halpiac

Szabolcs Szabadfi (Panificio il Basilico, Holy Cow): the baker, when making burger

21 May, Sunday, 05:30 PM
Szabolcs this time shows how to knead and bake without additives, professionally and creatively at home. Something different from the classical buns. The filling is also exciting and less common - be it the pig's best parts, cream cheese, or your own tomato sauce. The main point is freshness and ease, because that’s what makes a good burger!

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  We reserve the right to change the programs.