Theme of 2023:

New Generation

Last year, Gourmet was all about youth, about young people, innovation, renewal, new trends, technologies, new ingredients and even new styles.

Meet our exhibitors


Balra nyil Jobbra nyil

Meet our best chefs

Anett Béres
Edina Makai
János Mizsei
Mátyás Huszár
Pál Tóth
Richárd Csillag
Rozina Wossala
Idéző jel

Experts say about us you can really taste the cross-section of the Hungarian gastronomic landscape in two days... ...The accompanying lectures and workshops are just the cherry on top. We rather ate non-stop.


For us, Gourmet has once again proven to be the most intelligent, professional and expert culinary and wine event in the Hungarian gastronomic scene.


The event was a huge success with a wonderful atmosphere, a great feeling. You could see happy people walking along, tasting food and sipping drinks.


The exhibitors, the stands, the gastronomic offerings created an incredible intensity and professionalism that surpassed all previous ones.

B COOL Magazin


Thank you for these amazing 3 days we spent together!


Balra nyil Jobbra nyil