4-DAY PASS: € 29

Every ticket includes:

  • Spiegelau wine glass
  • Electrolux street food bites
  • Stella Artois, Leffe, Hoegaarden or a Belle-Vue Kriek beer tasting
  • Grand Tokaj wine tasting
  • Villányi RedY bistro wine tasting
  • Martini welcome sparkling wine (for the first 500 visitors/day)
  • a bottle of Rauch Fresh 0.33L fruit juice (for the first 1000 visitors/day)
  • a hand-made Street Kitchen spice mix (for the first 500 visitors/day)
  • BBC GoodFood Magazine (for the first 1000 visitors/day)

  • along with many interesting performances and tastings on the gastro stage, as well as free activities for kids at the Kerek Perec gastronomic playground and Chefparade cooking school.

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    From dumplings to the best of international gastronomy

    From dumplings to the best of international gastronomy

    Mark your calendars for Pentecost weekend! Once again this year, gastronomy lovers must visit Millenaris Park to attend the OTP Gourmet Festival, between May 17-20, exhibiting the county’s best restaurants, confectionaries and wineries. The festival also introduces current delicacies and the best of international gastronomy.