Dúzsi Winery

Szív Teliszív
Dúzsi Winery


Exhibitor: Dúzsi Winery

Our family winery was founded in 1994. Most of our areas are located in the neighboring village of Szekszárd, in the Sióagárd-Leányvár vineyard, which is excellent for making premium rosé, and in the Görögszó vineyard, which produces Szekszárd’s finest red wines.The basis of the estate is the Kékfrankos plantation in Sióagárd, which we managed to acquire thanks to the work of our Swabian ancestors. Most of our winery’s area has been converted to organic production, and we process grapes from nearly 70 hectares.We want to show the diversity of the Szekszárd wine region through our wines.

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