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Millenáris Park (1024 Budapest, Kis Rókus street. 16–20.) Map

The main entrance of the festival opens from Fény street.

Parking around the venue is very limited, please try and come by public transportation. It is forbidden to enter the festival area by car or motorcycle!

Come to Gourmet Festival with SHARE NOW carsharing service!

Choose comfort and safe when traveling. Drive by SHARE NOW carsharing to Gourmet. Arrive to the Festival with our official carsharing partner to the dedicated SHARE NOW. When you’re drunk, drinking and driving may seem like a smart idea, but even little amounts of alcohol can impact reaction times and create blurred or double vision, putting you (and others) at risk behind the wheel. How to avoid it? Quite simple: Do not drink and drive.

TAXI: Find them at the official taxi stop near the Main Entrance. Our official taxi partner is Bolt Taxi.

Public parking around the venue is very limited. Guarded parking lots next to the venue: Mammut shopping center, Széllkapu és Millenáris Mélygarázs, Marczibányi Sportcentrum.

There are bike storages by the entrance of the Millenáris Park.

Millenáris can be found on the Buda side, only a few minutes from Széll Kálmán square, and right next to Mammut shopping center.

If coming from the direction of Széll Kálmán tér, it is accessible by:

  • Tramlines 4, 6, 17, 56, 56A, 59, 59A, 59B, 61
  • Buses 5, 16, 16A, 21, 21A, 22, 22A, 39, 57, 91, 102, 116, 128, 129, 139, 140, 140A, 149, 155, 156, 221, 222
  • Metro line 2 (red line)
  • Regional buses

If coming from the direction of Széna tér, it is accessible by: Tramlines 4, 6, 17


Festival dates: 2-4 June, 2023

Festival Hours: Friday-Saturday: 11.00 -23.00, Sunday: 11.00-19.00.

If you need help regarding your online transaction the helpdesk is here.

If you purchased your ticket from one of our partners, please contact them in case of any issues.


Tickets are available in the Gourmet webshop (with discountsduring the whole event), but you can purchase tickets on-site during the festival. The festival’s capacity is limited, so tickets can become sold out based on the number of visitors. Avoid queues and unpleasant surprises: buy your tickets in advance!

To learn more about ticket types check the Tickets menu point.

General ticket information

  • Your ticket (online voucher) will be exchanged for a wristband at the entrance.
  • Vouchers are not personalized and are not tied to a specific person, so the first person who presents the code on the ticket will receive the wristband.
  • In case of fraud (e.g.: earlier, unauthorised entry with the code) Gourmet Festival shall not hand over the wristband or a new ticket even to the holder of the printed ticket. Gourmet Festival shall not be liable in case of a fraud.
  • Keep your code safe and don’t let anyone make copies, photos or recordings of your ticket!
  • Exhibitor menus and drinks are not included in the ticket price.


  • Wristbands are only valid if you wear it on your wrist.
  • Wristbands that are damaged, glued, cut, or with any other damage, or wider than the hand are considered invalid!!
  • Wristbands are non-transferable to another person.
  • Damaged and lost wristbands cannot be replaced
  • Please note that the organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program.

Children under the age of 14 can enter the festival free of charge, only with the supervision of an adult. They will also need to wear a wristband and guardians must write the child’s name and a telephone number on the wristband. Your little ones could enjoy Zöld Péter Folk Playground and our child programmes as well.

Please note that tickets are non-refundable. Not able to join the event? Sell your ticket(s) 100% safe via our official partner Ticketswap sd our ticket vouchers are not personalized so you can feel free to give the spare ticket to one of your friends or sell them.

To enter the festival you will definitely need your code (bar code, QR code). So, don’t forget it!

If you have it on your smartphone in a PDF format, that’s also great! Unfortunately we cannot accept photos of vouchers.

Due to the General Terms And Conditions of Millenáris Park it’s not allowed to bring animals to the festival area. Only assistance animals are welcomed with certificate (ID) or those that are necessary to the event. Thank you for your understanding.

If you need help regarding your online transaction the helpdesk is here.

If you purchased your ticket from one of our partners, please contact them in case of any issues.


As part of a comfortable, cash-free system, you can pay for everything you purchase at the Festival, including drinks, foods and other products, using your entry wristband.

The contactless wristband offers a fast and simple cash-free payment opportunity. You can top-up your wristband at the festival venue with cash, a bank card, or with the mobile app. To pay, simply touch the card reading terminal with your wristband.

Bring your contactless card with you and be one touch away from paying for everything at the festival! In addition, you can pay with your cell phone or a contactless bank card.

You can check your balance at a retailer or top-up point by asking the staff and touching the terminal with your wristband.

Wristbands that are lost or stolen can only be disabled at the Festipay helpdesk.

To avoid long lines, use this easy and secure option! You can check your balance and keep track of your history. Also if your wristband is stolen or broken, you can disable it at any time in the app.


For this you need:
a valid bank card that can be used for online transactions (VISA and Mastercard only)
festival account
PIN code (You can find your PIN on the small piece of paper you got with your wristband. Or you can use the last 4 characters of your ticket number. If you don’t have any of these, just visit any ticket or Festipay helpdesk so we can help!)


After log-in to your festival account, follow the instructions in the Top-up menu. The amount topped-up will be added to your balance automatically at your next purchase. Alternatively, you can ask the staff to activate your top-up. Staff has to press button #7 on their terminal.


Please note: there is a 500 HUF transaction fee after each top-up.

You can top-up your wristband at top-up points throughout the festival. The minimum balance is 2000 HUF and the maximum amount that can be added is 360,000 HUF per occasion. Your balance can be topped-up at any time during the event. You can top-up your wristband with cash or a bank card (there is a 500 HUF top-up fee in each instance). Top-up is only available in HUF currency.


Yes, it is. At the festival venue accessible toilets are available too.

During the Festival, there will be a first aid point indicated on the map that can assist with medical service.

You can rent a professional wine glass at our Glass Rental Point when purchasing your ticket on-site or when entering the festival. The glass coupon costs 1500 Ft, which will be refunded when returning to the Glass Point without damage. Or of course you can bring it home.

If you have lost something, you can inquire about it at the Info point by the Fény Street entrance. If you find something, please hand it in so that we can return it to the owner.

You are welcome to take pictures of Gourmet Festival for your own entertainment. If you are filming or taking photos on behalf of a certain medium or any professional business and you wish to publish them, please consult with our colleagues at the Press Office or contact them via [email protected]! Good to know: in order to make Gourmet Festival unforgettable we are constantly making photo and video recordings. You can be a lucky one and appear on some of these indestructible documentations, but we will only use your name if you sign an agreement on. However, please note that you may not have any claims for appearing on these materials (more information in the Policy).


Each visitor can bring 1 PET bottle / maximum 2,5 liter / non-alcoholic beverage into the festival.

Alcoholic beverages and all food items at home, as they are not allowed within the festival territory. Such products must be handed over to the security service for inspection at the entrance. It is forbidden to bring glass objects, hitting and cutting tools or any other object that threatens the physical well-being of others within the venue!

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