Zsuzsanna Ötvös

Mine is a real career-changing story. I ran my popular dessert blog, Praliné Paradise, for several years while writing my doctoral thesis in Classical Philology, so that after a successful defence of my thesis I could finally pursue my passion, pastry.

After Tibor Szántó’s chocolate manufactory, Baraka and Fáma, I became the pastry chef at Laurel Budapest, and then co-chef from the end of 2023. In addition to desserts, I am also involved in the creative design of the menu.

My desserts are characterised by a focus on flavour and a return to Hungarian classics. The Gourmet Festival audience is already familiar with this mission: the 2022 Punch Cake and the 2023 Fat Creamy Punch were both crowd favourites, proving that traditional flavours tuned to today’s tastes can offer much more in terms of evocative power than even a French dessert.

I am constantly training and passing on my knowledge. I have attended masterclasses with international pastry chefs, I have staged at the two Michelin-starred Coda in Berlin. I give courses and have published two books. The Creative Dessert School has been recommended for formal pastry training. And Old Recipes, Today’s Desserts reworks classic Hungarian recipes in a modern form. My third book will be published in May.

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Zsuzsanna Ötvös

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