Zsóka Fekete

My love for agriculture and animals started as a child. My grandparents had backyard animals, poultry, pigs, horses, but they also grew vegetables, fruit, arable crops on their own organic land. My grandmother used to sell the fruit-vegetables-eggs-meat products she produced at the market. Even as a child I saw the value of these products. They were quality handmade products, harvested, cleaned and carefully packed by hand. I was always there, helping out. Hard work is in my blood. I was very impressed by that, that we were creating value, giving good things to people.
That’s my motivation, creating value, producing quality products, to show that as a woman you can do it. Because my products have our heart and soul in them. This is not mass production, I am a farm to table producer. From the birth of the piglet to the market, I actively participate and coordinate the workflow with the help of my parents.
It’s been a long, bumpy road to maintain a herd of nearly 400-500 mangalica, which we feed with our own organic feed and market the products from these animals. Today, several renowned restaurants at home and abroad serve my products. I am proud to have received numerous awards, both for my products and for my work.

I’m really interested in all things gastronomy, so I read a lot, I’m constantly learning… But if I need to, I have no problem travelling abroad to meet producers, farmers, restaurant owners in person. My work is my hobby. 😊

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Zsóka Fekete

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